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11 Professional Tips On How To Care For Long Nails

11 Professional Tips On How To Care For Long Nails

While long nails and nail art are not always sensible or attractive, everyone has different tastes and and long nails and nail art adornment may well fit into your tastes and lifestyle. Unlike short natural nails, long nails with beautifully decorated designs need to be cared for to make them last. Most of these professional tips and tricks on how to care for long nails you’ll know. If not, these tips will serve as a reminder to keep your nails in tip top condition for as long as possible.

Ladies, Learn How To Use Your Nails!

Whether you choose to have long natural nails, or long polished nails, learn how to use your fingers; get into the habit of using them as if you have just applied a fresh coat of nail polish. Remember that the more knocks your nails suffer, the more likely tips will break. People are often surprised at how easily nails break,  yet few realize the damage began days – even weeks earlier

Long natural nails by their very nature are weaker than “normally” shaped nails, and as such require special attention. Pointed nails have very little support, whilst oval or square shaped nails are more likely to remain strong when long, which is why it’s important to learn how to care for long nails.  Curious about which LED nail lamps give the most professional finish?

Use A Good Nail Hardener

Several coats of nail hardener will help minimize chipping, peeling or breaking of the nail enamel.  The trick is to find something that protects and moisturizers. Nail hardeners with nylon fibers can be a very effective tool in your long natural nail maintenance plan. However prolonged use of hardeners can work to make nails too brittle.

Change to a protective base coat instead such a thickening gel if nails are thin and brittle.

11 Professional Tips And Tricks On How To Care For Long Nails



  • 1) Avoid using nail tips to untie knots or loosen shoelaces. Even the toughest nails don’t take kindly to being used as screwdrivers, scrapers or levers! The number 1 rule is to treat them gently!
  • 2) Use the sides of your fingers to open car doors.
  • 3) Do not dial the telephone with your fingers; use a pen or pencil.
  • 4) Use your knuckles to press buttons, such as elevators
  • 5) Use a knife or razor to open boxes and packages, not your nails; nails are not designed as screwdrivers, apple corers or hors d’oeuvre utensils.
  • 6) Use the pads of your fingers rather than your nails while typing.
  • 7) This is a biggie in how to care for your long nails. Always use rubber gloves when washing up, handling household cleaners or bleach. Detergents strip away natural oils your nails need for strength which quickly dry out your nails, leaving them brittle. Soaking nails in water is a sure way to weaken them!
  • 8) When putting on tights or pantyhose, keep your index fingers turned under and use the middle portion of the thumb to pull them This not only saves your nails, but also increases the life of your pantyhose.
  • 9) Only use acetone free nail polish removers. Acetone removers are essential as acetone is very drying and serves to further weaken already fragile nails. Keen to know which UV dryers offered value for money?
  • 10) Most reputable nail care ranges offer nail strengtheners to help prevent splitting or flaking. Apply it under your base coat. Avoid nail strengthener which contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde temporarily toughens the nail, but makes it more brittle. Formaldehyde is also called toluene, toluene sulphonamide and toluene sulphonic acid.
  • 11) Get into the regular habit of applying hand cream every time you have washed your hands to help boost moisture levels and minimize dryness and brittle nails. Regularly using hand cream is an easy way in choosing how to care for your long nails.



Learning How To Care For Long Nails Is A Cinch!

One of the best feelings in the world is a gorgeously decorated set of nails. As you hold your hand up to admire your hands, you fall in love with them all over again. There is magic in a perfect manicure, magic in divine nail art that is unique and expresses your unique personality and magic in the world of possibilities you could manifest….

A talented and skilled nail tech can quickly work magic in rapidly transforming short natural nails into perfect, elegant and beautiful nails which look amazing with a manicure. Unfortunately, nothing is ever permanent, and long nails whether they be natural, acrylics, wraps or artificial, they all require some consistent upkeep. With some daily hand and nail care, you’ll be able learn how to care for long nails with ease:)

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