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15 Essential Nail Care Tips For Perfect Healthy Nails Every Time

15 Essential Nail Care Tips For Perfect Healthy Nails Every Time

What woman doesn’t love healthy, strong nails? Whether you love the bright pop of nail colors, prefer being naturally polish free, or love the simple elegance of natural nude nail colors, these 15 nail care tips for healthy nails will help keep your hands attractive. Displaying healthy nails and smooth hands to the world is a confidence booster.

Caring for your nails needn’t be expensive and it’s not a form of indulgence! Keeping your nails in tip-top shape is a worthwhile practice and it’s an investment of time really, some “me time”.

The best way forward to longer and stronger nails is actually awareness and changing some habits….Don’t chew your nails, eat healthily and use a screw driver or stale remover, not your finger nails as a tool! Here’s 15 easy as nail care tips for healthy nails for stronger and longer nails before you know it.

Use A Good Quality Hand Cream

1) Apply a hand cream or lotion after washing your hands as soaps and hand-washes can make nails and skin very dry, leading to brittle, peeling nails. This is one of the most important nail care tips for healthy nails. Use a good hand cream every day and regularly.

Natural Oils Strengthen Weak Nails

2) Sweet almond oil, combined with a little salt and rubbed into the nails and cuticles, will help to strengthen weak, or broken nails, as well as provide healing stimulating nourishment to dry and flaking cuticles.

Treat Gently

3) Treat your cuticles very gently as they protect the growth center of the nail. Never tear the skin or cut the cuticles.

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Do As Your Mom Said! Stop Biting Nails!

4) Break the habit of nail biting. Nail biting can damage the nail and the cuticle terribly, leading to disease, a deformed nail shape or uneven nail growth. Note that biting nails can also transfer harmful organisms to the nail that lead to infection or even increase your chance of catching a cold or flu.

Massage With Love

top tips for beautiful hands and strong finger nails

5) An essential in our top 15 nail care tips for healthy nails is massage. Yes, you heard correctly. Stimulating your nails will encourage nail growth. Massage the base of your nails whenever you can. Typing, piano playing and any other exercise that requires substantial finger movement will increase the blood supply to the fingers.

Use An Emery Board Where Possible

6) Unless your nails are very long, avoid clipping too short as this can bend or split them. Rather use an emery board to file nails down to size. Filing straight up against your nail can peel the tip, so hold the emery board at a 45-degree angle under the free edge of the nail.

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Allow Your Nails To Dry Completely

7) After removing your nail polish, wait a few minutes before you start filing to shape or shorten your nails.The nails may split if they are not dry. There are many benefits to using a nail dryer.

Try To Avoid Using Acetone Removers

8) Use nail polish remover as infrequently as possible, especially those containing acetone, as most removers will dry nails out. Many specialists suggest using remover no more then once a week. Use a minimal amount of remover on the nail and avoid getting too much on either the cuticle and the surrounding skin. This one is in the top 5 musts in nail care tips for healthy nails. Use the least amount of remover you possibly can.

Never Ever Scrape Off Nail Polish!

9) Never scrape off nail polish or use metal instruments to push back cuticles.This can scrape off the protective cells of the nail surface. Peeling off flaking nail enamel can also be very damaging to the nail

Use A Nail Nourisher

hand care tips home remedies

10) Nail nourishers are quick to apply and pay big beauty dividends by feeding the skin around the nail, as well as the surrounding skin, with essential vitamins, oils and protein. This helps the nails to grow long, strong and healthy.

Make Time For Regular Manicures

11) Manicure your nails fully every 7-14 days, reapplying nail polish as often as needed to maintain a well-groomed appearance. Lots of nail and hand love is an essential in our nail care tips for healthy nails tips and tricks.

Use A Good Quality Top Coat

12)  Apply a topcoat almost daily to protect the tips.

Paint On A Nail Hardener

13) The fastest way to prevent soft, weak nails from breaking is to apply a hardener once or twice a week; it not only saves vulnerable nails but gives a high-shine finish.

A Quality Base Coat Is A Nail Care Investment

14) Base-coat is a good investment. Although formulated to help your nail polish last longer, it also helps to prevent bright color from staining your nails. A useful tip if your nails are stained is for you to try dipping the tips in a small bowl of lemon juice for 15 seconds. The citric acid in the lemon juice acts as a gentle natural bleach.

However, always remember to wash your hands afterward so that the lemon juice does not dry out your hands.

Nail Polish Protects Nails Very Well

what's the best way to apply nail polish to strengthen and care for finger nails?

15) Nail polish is also a good nail protector.When applying nail polish, especially dark colors, be sure to apply 2 to 2 thin coats rather than a single thick coat. Do not take the polish right to the edges of your nails; it is quicker and much neater to leave a thin strip down each side.

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It also makes nails look slimmer. Apply the first stroke of polish along the center of the nail, then apply polish along the sides in two strokes for a neat finish. You’ll be pleased to know LED dryers are safe to use.

Practice These Simple Nail Care Tips For Healthy Nails & Pretty Hands To Last  Lifetime

Smooth, graceful hands and beautiful, well cared for nails are personal attributes which speak volumes about who you are the level of self care you praise. Your hands speak volumes about your state of health and personal grooming. Neglected hands let the side down, they not only create a poor impression, they show your age too.

We do notice each-others hands almost subconsciously because we use them in everyday communication!  What impression do your hands make? Do they show confidence? Or Not? They bear the brunt of everyday life and as such deserve greater care and attention! Even if you try out a few of our nail care tips for healthy nails, you’ll soon notice the difference in stronger nails and prettier hands.


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