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Best Base Layers For A Perfect Manicure

Best Base Layers For A Perfect Manicure

Choosing a base coat isn’t quite as sexy or fun as picking a trendy new polish color, but these workhorses are manicure must-haves. Think about it: You wouldn’t paint a wall without priming it or apply foundation without using moisturizer first, right? A base coat evens out the texture of your nail, smoothing out bumps and filling in ridges. It also acts as a barrier between your nail and the polish to come, preventing the color from staining or discoloring your tips. Not to mention that many formulas are also infused with a host of strengthening ingredients to counteract peeling, splitting, and breakage. And, of course, they create a grippy surface for the polish to adhere to, reducing the likelihood of unsightly and oh-so annoying chips.

The base coat for manicure with gel polish requires more careful application and drying in a special lamp for polymerization — a process in which the gel becomes solid. Depending on the ingredients, this base has different effects and stays together with the gel polish for about two to four weeks.

Let’s look at what databases exist on the market:



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