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Are LED Nail Dryers Safe To Use? Yes, Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Would Use One

Are LED Nail Dryers Safe To Use? Yes, Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Would Use One

There’s no hiding the fact that LED nail lamps emit different types of light. In fact, it’s in the name! As an LED lamp, this product emits both LED and UV rays, which some people are concerned about. And it’s a good question to ask – are LED Nail Dryers Safe To Use?

It’s quite understandable to be skeptical of a light that can be dangerous to humans if exposed to that light for a prolonged amount of time. There have been some concerns around the question of are LED nail lamps safe?

In fact, UV rays are invisible. They are impossible to detect with the naked eye, although science has shown they can cause damage to the skin. Is this a safety issue to be concerned with if you use LED lamps? Here are my fave LED lamps for performance

Fortunately, there is no cause for concern.

Are LED lamps harmful? In fact, most experts in the field officially state LED nail lamps are quite safe!

There are a few important details about LED lamps that can help to alleviate your fears. These nail lamps are built in much the same way as other cosmetic and medical equipment, which contain tiny trace amounts of UV light. None that is too dangerous if used the right way. There are many benefits to using a nail dryer.

Follow this simple guide to better understand the safety measures you can put into practice when using your LED nail lamp regularly. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself so it will never hurt you!

1) Are LED Nail Dryers Safe To Use? There are Less UV Rays than Sunlight!

is there a UV nail lamp cancer risk in using a uv nail dryer?

That’s right. An LED nail lamp emits far less UV rays than the rays you would get from walking out in the sunlight. A simple walk outside in the sunlight delivers more UV emissions to your skin than exposing your fingers to the light of a LED nail lamp for a couple of minutes.

Other common beauty practices, such as using tanning beds and sitting in infrared saunas, deliver far more UV rays in 1 session than an LED lamp would. Of course, those practices are relatively safe too, when used in moderation. Used in moderation is an important aspect.

2) The Cure Time is Minimal

how LED nail lamps harmful?

It takes almost no time at all to cure your nails in an LED lamp. In fact, some coats only take seconds to dry. Polishes can take up to 30 seconds to dry. That’s the only amount of time you need to expose your skin to the LED rays.

Less cure time = less UV exposure. It’s as simple as that! In fact, since the newer LED nail lamp models take even less time to dry your nails than traditional UV lamps do, it is safe to say that LED lamps are definitely safer than UV lamps. Like to read about the benefits of using a nail dryer?

3) The Skin Cancer Foundation Supports the Use of LED Nail Lamps

Are LED lights safe for nails

According to an official statement by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the use of LED and even UV nail lamps are relatively safe to use as they emit negligible levels of UVA. The foundation recognizes that the use of such lamps are often a necessary and vital part of the manicure process, and without these lamps there would be no ability to do manicures at all!

Far Less Risk Than Tanning Beds

While the foundation does state that a large amount of exposure to UV rays are linked to skin cancer and premature skin aging, they immediately provide the reassurance that “…even the most intense of these devices presents only a moderate UV risk – a far lower risk than that presented by UV tanning devices.”

Thankfully, this is a reassuring answer for our concerns regarding are LED lights safe for nails LED nail lamps are safe for us to use. But if you are still concerned about being exposed to UV rays, however, there are several measures you can take to further protect yourself against possible skin damage.

4) Take Simple Safety Precautions

are uv led lamps safe to use?

There are some affordable and easy safety precautions you can take advantage of if you do not want to be exposed to UV lights. If you are concerned about are LED nail dryers safe to use, the there are a few precautions to use.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a UVA or UVB sunscreen on your hands before exposing your nails to the LED lamp rays.

Typically, you’ll want to apply this kind of sunscreen about 20 minutes before you plan on using the lamp. You also want to be sure to not put the sunscreen on your nails directly, as the product can contain materials which might affect the ability for the nail polish to stick.

Anti- UV Gloves

Another available safety measure comes in the form of anti-uv gloves, which can be found very cheaply on Amazon or at some beauty supply stores. They are thin, fingerless gloves made of soft lycra to protect your skin against exposed UVA rays. Only your nails stick through, which is perfect for when you’re doing a manicure at home!

If you don’t feel like purchasing new gloves, you can use an old pair of gloves you have lying around the house as well. Normal gloves are typically thick enough to block your skin from the small amount of UV exposure that comes from your LED nail lamp. Just cut the fingers out so your nails have plenty of room to stick through!

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Stay Safe and Stylish at the Same Time

do led nail lamps cause cancer?

Are LED nail dryers safe to use? Yes. The small amount of UV and UVA light emitted is reasonably safe. When it comes to the UV emissions from LED nail lamps, you have little to worry about. They are deemed relatively safe by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and they have been recognized across the globe as important tools to help improve the professional manicure process.

You can use some of the simple safety measures above if you are still concerned about the long term effects of the safety of UV light exposure. These safety precautions will give you a better peace of mind that you are not going to be risking any sort of damage to yourself when you paint your nails at home, or get a manicure at the salon.

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