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Benefits of Using a Nail Dryer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One Today

Benefits of Using a Nail Dryer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One Today

Drying your creative nail art naturally can take a long time after spending ages designing and decorating them. It can be a stressful process if you happen to accidentally spoil or smear your nails. This means all the hard work you’ve put in is wasted. We’re sure you want to avoid this happening which is why we thought we’d take a look at the benefits of using a nail dryer, such as a good quality LED lamp for nails….

A good quality nail dryer is the best and most efficient way to dry nails. You’ll prevent all the accidents that can occur while you wait for nails to air dry naturally.

By using a nail dryer, you can save time as carefully decorated nails dry in only a few minutes. If your nail art design includes you applying layers of nail polish, a dryer will save you a ton of time.

5 Benefits of Using A Nail Dryer

can you use a uv lamp to dry nail polish?

There are a lot of benefits over using a nail dryer in comparison to waiting for your nails to dry by blowing air on them from your mouth, or waiting. These are the 5 benefits of using a nail dryer.

1. Quick Drying Time

  A nail dryer can dry all your nails in under 5 minutes. Waiting for only air to dry your nails can take as much as 30 minutes. In that time, there are plenty of other things you could be doing.

2. Efficient For Professionals

If you’re a a salon or a nail artist professional, a nail dryer saves you time and allows you attend to multiple clients in your day. Your clients are also happier because you’re saving them a lot of time and providing a fast great service. The bottom line, more clients = more dollars.

3. Drying Shellac Nails

Using a UV nail dryer, you can dry tough layers of nail polish like the ones made with Shellac.

4. Faster and Finer Finish

For ladies who apply multiple layers of nail polish, one nail dryer benefit is that each layer will dry faster and give a neat professional finish when you’re done.

5. No accidents

When you use a LED nail lamp for drying, there is no smearing or smudging of nail polish. Your nails don’t come into contact with anything around you and the nail dryer finishes fast.

Using Nail Dryers in the Home

Many people use nail dryers at home for home manicures to save on the expense of regular salon visits. It is one of the main benefits of portable nail dryers. Honestly, waiting for nail polish to dry naturally is just a waste of time, especially when there are plenty of other things to do.

The most popular nail dryers for home use are either warm or cool air dryers, they work by gushing air into the nail. These are the best types of dryers for regular nail polish. Please note, they are not suitable for gel finishes

The air movement removes moisture from the nail polish and dries it up to a hard finish. Your budget determines what type of dryer to buy – they are not very expensive –  and you’ll find they can do your whole hand. Most portable nail dryers come with the feature to dry only nails on one hand at a time. They are very popular for home use.

Because you’re using these nail dryers in the home, they usually come designed with low wattage or batteries. The batteries can be rechargeable so this is perfect if you need to travel. Having to charge and replace batteries means they do cost more in the long run, but you can’t ignore the advantage of portability.

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Professional Nail Dryers

drying nails faster using a uv nail dryer

If you’re a professional nail artist, or want to use nail dryers in your salon, you should get a UV or LED nail dryer. The benefits of nail dryers such as LED or UV dryers over traditional air dryers are many. Faster, harder, better.

UV Nail Dryers…

Most UV dryers come with the option to switch between cool air or warm air. They also blast UV rays which dry nails faster than waiting for them to dry naturally. UV nail dryers will save your clients time, allow you do more work and work well to get a wide range of creative finishes to please clients. They are perfect for drying shellac polish and curing gel nails. Here are some great choices for inexpensive UV nail dryers

How UV Nail Dryers Work…

Nail dryers with UV lamps are the perfect accessory for drying natural and gel nail polish. They emit UV light rays onto the nail and professional nail artists say UV dryers harden the polish which makes them last for longer.

What Nail Polish Can You Use With UV Light?

Here’s a fact- UV nail lamps will cure all gel polish brands, but LED lamps will cure only LED specific gel polish brands. The takeaway here is check the fine print. For any manicurist buying a UV lamp you can’t go wrong because it will work with all gel polishes. They are also less expensive.

Gel nail polish is cured by the ultraviolet wavelengths activating the photoinitiators in the gel. Because UV lamps work by emitting broad UV wavelengths, the gel polish takes longer to cure.

In comparison, LED nail lamps use a narrower UV wavelength. Specific photoinitiators in the gel polish are activated making the gel cure faster, but you must buy LED compatible gel polish.

As long as the polish is labeled to work both in LED and UV lamps, the user should be fine.

Does UV Light Dry Regular Nail Polish?

This is a commonly asked question – does UV light dry regular nail polish? The UV light from a UV nail lamp won’t actually work to dry regular nail polish. However, heat from the light will help to speed up the drying time of regular nail polish.

A more effective way to dry regular nail polish is to use a heat light with a small fan to circulate the air.

How Long Does UV Light Take To Dry Nails?

Great question. In our time poor world, we want everything done quicker and faster… Gel nails don’t dry naturally. They cure rather than dry and you can speed up the curing process by using either UV or LED lights.

Curing times will be dependent on both the type of polish and light used. Curing time can vary between 30 seconds, even up to 2 minutes per layer of gel. Once the final layer of gel is applied and cured, you can use your hands straightaway without worrying about damaging the finish. So really the length of time in how long does UV light take to dry nails isn’t time consuming. Plus the polish is hard immediately.

If you’re concerned about UV exposure, you can protect your hands with protective manicure gloves or apply a layer of sunscreen – make sure the sunscreen isn’t applied on nails!

UV Light Kills Bacteria

These rays from the UV lamps kill bacteria and dry nails faster than waiting for natural air to dry it. For artificial nails which take a while to set and dry, UV nail dryers are the perfect solution. Having said all of the above, UV nail dryers are associated with health risks with long term use and exposure. Read more here.

There are many brands on the market, these are the leading brands used by professional nail artists and salons around the nation.

  • Mastex Professional Dryers
  • Nail Doctor Dryers
  • Belson Spa Nail Dryers
  • Automatic Gel Nail Dryers
  • USpicy UV nail dryers

As a professional artist, you will find UV nail dryers at whatever budget you choose. You should decide on a budget based on number of clients and frequency of use. These UV nail dryers come in one hand or two handed options. We recommend the two handed dryers if you’re a busy salon with a lot of traffic – this will save you time.

LED Nail Dryers…

You can also use an LED nail dryer. These nail dryers are rapidly taking over in popularity over UV nail lamp for many reasons. One of the benefits of using LED nail dryers, they dry nails considerably faster, plus they are safer to use.

The overall cost of use is cheaper as LED bulbs last around 50,000 hours plus and draw less power to work. The initial outlay can be more expensive ( depending on the model ) than UV nail dryers and will cure nails in a faction of the time.

Is Drying Nail Polish With LED Light Faster?

There are many benefits of drying nail polish with LED light. Speed is one of them.  Cure times using a LED nail dryer are typically quicker. 30 Seconds for curing one layer of polish as opposed to 90 seconds with a UV lamp per layer. So, taking times into account, if you were to do a complete manicure using an LED nail dryer, curing times are less than 2 minutes, while using UV could take over 5 minutes.

If you choose to buy an LED nail dryer for nails, make sure you buy the correct gel nail polish suitable for these dryers. Read the manufactures instructions carefully.

LED dryers are readily available everywhere these days and you will often find good discounts online. Here is a good article on the differences between UV and LED dryers for nail polishes.

Can LED Lamps Dry Nail Polish?

As you know UV and LED lamps function quite differently. As a rule a gel polish will usually cure faster in an LED lamp. Make sure the polish is formulated to work in an LED nail lamp. Check the cure time suggested for each of the different lamps as well as this will affect dry time.

Can Normal Nail Polish Dry Under LED Light?

There are many excellent brands available on the market for the beginner to the professional manicurist:

  • Uspicy
  • MelodySusie
  • Gelish
  • Kedsum
  • Vogue

Selecting The Perfect Nail Dryer

When deciding what nail dryer to buy, the major factor to keep in mind is the use. For home and personal use which isn’t particularly frequent, a corded, portable and battery powered nail dryer is best. You should get one that handles one hand at a time. They’re easier to move around when you’re traveling. However, if you’re going to use the nail dryer often, you should get one that connects to the mains instead of the battery powered nail dryer.

For salons and professionals, your budget and volume of clients are the most important factors. You want to use a two hand dryer because it’ll dry your clients nails faster and allow you service more clients. The faster turnaround time makes you very efficient and productive. For small salons, you could use one and two handed nail dryers.

We recommend using an LED nail dryer for any size of salons. They are perfect to help you dry gel and artificial nails. Your appointments will pass faster and allow you attend to more clients in a day.

A Quick Guide To Buying The Right Nail Lamp For You

These days there are so many nail lamps available at greatly varying price points and features it can be difficult to choose from. What wattage to choose, how does voltage work, and cure times all seem to vary… what should you should look for when deciding which brand and type of lamp to buy. Hopefully we can help you.

1. How Much To Spend?

Budget is a big factor here. How often will you use your nail lamp, and what type of polishes will you use? Buying a $15 nail lamp or a $130 nail lamp will give you very different performance. While spending a larger amount of money may seem expensive, the initial outlay isn’t all that much.

When you consider the cost of a manicure and do the sums, buying a better nail dryer is really only the cost of a few manicures or pedicures. Add up the costs of yearly manicures and you’ll soon see buying a good nail lamp is affordable, plus you are saving a lot of money.

2. Check The Dimensions Of The Dryer!

If you have larger hands, or want to fit a whole hand into the dryer, check the dimensions!! Having been caught before, this is a biggie.

Some lamps will only fit 4 fingers which means you have to cure your thumb separately. We’ve found most of the cheaper lamps tend to fit 4 fingers and most definitely do not work for pedicures.

Look for designs that can fit both hands or one hand, along with a removable bottom plate so you can do pedicures too. The best lamp designs are wide enough to cure both hands at the same time and both feet at the same time.

3. What Nail Polish Brands?

Which polish should I buy? And which nail dryer – UV or LED? The simple takeaway here is: LED lamps only cure LED polishes. UV lamps cure all LED & UV polishes.

The gel polish manufacturers design nail lamps to emit the precise UV wavelengths required to activate specific ingredients called photoinitiators in their gel polish formula.

Our tip here is if you love a particular polish brand, buy a lamp from the company. That way you are assured of the correct cure times and finish. If you choose to by a different brand, buy a lamp with the same wattage.

4. How Long Are Uv And LED Cure Times?

There is quite a difference and if you are time poor, go for LED lamps. Why? Because LED light cures much faster. On average it takes only 30 seconds to cure a layer of polish under LED light, whereas a UV dryer takes 90 seconds to cure a layer of polish. Our takeaway here is LED manicures and pedicures can take less than 2 minutes of cure time. UV Mani’s and Pedi’s can take 5 minutes or more.

5. How Long Do The Bulbs Last?

While it sounds as if UV bulbs don’t last long, they actually last a long time. LED lamp bulbs can last 50,000 hours, or never need replacing. The average life span of a UV bulb is around 100 hours.

This can vary between brands, and the average replacement cost can be around $25 to $30. You’d need to do a lot of manicures, years, before needing to replace a UV bulb. While cheap brands can seem attractive, it’s better to buy a high quality brand which will be more reliable in the long run.

6. Timer Features

Remembering to set the timer for the allotted cure time is a pain! The benefits of a nail dryer with a special timer feature makes it so easy to program settings. Even the preset timers may be all you’ll need.

A neat feature on some brands are motion sensors. All you need do is slide your hands into the dryer and the dryer starts the lamp automatically.

Some dryers have a fan function which is an added bonus for when you use regular polish.

7. Check The Warranty In Case Of Issues

Warranties range from 1 year to as little as 90 days. If you are buying on Amazon, make sure you check the sellers warranty and reputation. 1 year warranty is standard if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Warranties are useful to have in case of the unlikely event you have issues with the lamp breaking down or being dysfunctional. There is always that small chance.

Why Wouldn’t You Make Use Of The Benefits of A Nail Dryer For Faster Drying Times….

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of using a nail dryer as well as which one to pick, you can see the most important benefit is saving time as a person or professional. Also when selecting a nail dryer, the most important factor is the frequency of use. Drying nails faster will make nails prettier, give a better finish and last longer. Plus, you can play with nail art and different finishes more often!

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