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Best LED Lamp For Nails: 8 LED Models You’ll Want!

Best LED Lamp For Nails: 8 LED Models You’ll Want!

After picking the best electric nail file, you definitely want the best LED lamp for nails for drying off those nails fast.

We’ll review 8 of the most popular models for performance in our LED nail lamp reviews and help you make the right decision.

We already know you want only the best lamps to achieve the best possible nail finishes your clients will rave about.

7 Reasons To Use LED Over UV Lights

1.  Many lamps offer preset auto time controls of 10, 30, 60 and 90 seconds, cutting cure times by up to 70%

2. LED light cures faster so exposure is minimal. Less skin exposure than UV light

3. High and low power power options

4. LEDs don’t emit UV light, reducing the possibility of skin damage

5. White light isn’t detrimental to the eyes

6. They require less energy. LEDs saves electricity and the bulbs last indefinitely- up to 50,000 hours

7. Perfect for creating nail art quickly with fast drying times

Traditional UV Lamps Are No Longer The Best…

Today, those traditional UV lamps are no longer the best or only choice for a beginner and busy professional nail techs. Add to that the health issues surrounding the safety of using standard UV lamps, you want to make sure that both you and your clients are safe and confident about the services you provide.

What Is UV Light?

All light is categorized by its different wavelengths. Humans can see visible light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum between between 400 and 780 nanometres.

Ultraviolet light has an electromagnetic radiation wavelength which is shorter than visible light.UV light works between 100 and 400 nm.

This light works on a broader spectrum than LED or Light Emitting Diodes which operate on a narrower band at 400 to 410 nanometres.

What Does This Mean For Me?

Photo initiators work most effectively at a specific band width to cure gel nail products fast. It is extremely important you choose the correct recommended LED lamp for your chosen nail gel product. UV nail lamps may not work to cure gel nails.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LED Over UV Dryers?

Its simple. LED lamps cure gels fast.


There are several benefits to using these lamps. The first is the health aspect. Your client hands aren’t subjected to long exposure under the UV light which can be potentially harmful over long-term use.

Although the Journal of Investigative Dermatology say UV lamps don’t appear to significantly increase the lifetime risk of skin cancer-it’s better to be aware and safe. No one wants to get skin cancer if they can help it.

Typically, LED lamps use less power than the standard UV lamp. They are lighter in weight and the standout feature for us is, that LED bulbs give you 50,000 hours of working time.

Meaning-you’ll never have to replace a bulb ever again. Your regular UV bulb needs replacing every 2 to 4 months depending on how much you use it of course.

And lastly, the faster the cure time, the faster the service is for your client and ultimately this is better for your business. You can fit or clients in your day which boosts your business bottom line. Here’s why LED nail dryers are safe to use

Guide to Buying Best LED Lamps For Nails

There are a lot of LED Nail lamps to buy online. Selecting one can be a tough task. The lamp you pick will depend on a number of factors – price, nail polish, speed, size and usefulness. We’ll take a good look at each factor and we know you’ll make the right decision.

1. Price

The first thing you need to decide is how much you’re willing to spend on one. This is the first decision you need to make because it is the most important.

How much you decide to spend should also depend on how often you intend to use the lamp.

How Often Will You Use It?

If you’re getting one for home use, you might not use it that often, but as a nail professional, it could get long daily use. You need to factor this in. A $30 lamp is very different in quality from a $200 nail lamp.

2. Nail Polish type

Some nail lamps will cure all types of nail polishes from popular brands like OPI, CND Shellac, SallyHansen and Gelish.

Others will only cure a specific type of brand of nail polish. Say, only CND Shellac.

You’ll notice in the led nail light reviews that most LED lamps only cure LED polishes and most UV Lamps only cure UV polishes. You should read the description properly online and ask a store attendant before you buy.

3. Bulb Life

The best led gel lamps utilize LED bulbs that are designed to last as long as possible. Most of them may never need to be replaced and will last almost 50,000 hours.

For example UVbulbs on the other hand are different depending on the manufacturer. In our experience, they last around 100 hours and can be replaced at a price of about $30.

100 Hours may not seem that long but when you factor in 5 minutes to cure your hands that’s almost 1200 uses before you need to replace UV bulbs.

If you buy a good quality LED lamp like the products in our review, you might never need to replace a lamp.

4. Speed

LED Nail lamps tend to cure fingernails faster than UV Nail lamps.

A layer of nail polish takes about 30 seconds or less to cure under LED while the same layer could take up to 90 seconds under a UV nail lap.

LED manicures for all your fingers can last about 2 minutes long to cure while UV Lamp manicures will be over 5 minutes. For fast results, get an LED Nail lamp. Read the LED nail light reviews to see what timer settings the unit offers

5. Size and Portability

While selecting a professional led nail lamp, you need to watch out for the size. There are lamps which are so small they can only fit four fingers at a time. So you’ll have to cure those fingers then insert your thumbs one after the other.

Make sure You Can Fit 5 Fingers In…

A large number of the cheap lamps are like this. The best led gel lamps which are larger and more expensive will let you fit one or both hands as well as let you place your feet for pedicures such as the Gelish 18G Plus. This will save you a lot of time

6. Special Features

Smaller lamps might or might not have any special features such as a timer or a sensor but more expensive lamps definitely do. A sensor helps to turn the nail lamp on and off when you place hands or feet below the bulbs.

Setting The Timer…

A timer is used for varying times so you can control the temperature you want depending on how long you wish to cure for. You might be lucky to find a UV nail lamp that will also include a fan.

7. Warranty

12 months or 1 year warranty are pretty much the industry standard for nail lamps. Most of the manufacturers don’t sell directly to you so we recommend buying from Amazon.

The warranty should be stated in the initial description or in the second description. Some manufacturers offer warranties of only 90 days and some don’t offer any type of warranty. It’s important to look out for this in case you have an oddly functioning lamp.

Wrapping Up Our Best LED Lamp For Nails Guide.

That wraps up our guide to the best at home led nail lamp reviews- what to look for when buying a good LED nail lamp. If you were thinking of choosing between a UV nail lamp, or an LED nail lamp, we definitely feel a good quality LED model is the best for you. Correct drying and curing of nails is extremely important, as is the attention to detail.

This is why it’s important to be able to achieve the best results as you work, especially so when you are using the best electric nail drill. Buy the wrong nail lamp and the results of an hour’s work may not be so professional… So it’s vital you purchase the right lamp to get the job done properly the first time round.Those are the factors you need to consider and look out for when purchasing the best LED nail lamp for nails. Good luck!


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