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Fingernails Dream Meaning

Fingernails Dream Meaning

A general interpretation, when you see fingernails in the dream, speaks about your desire to hold on to the people, past events, relationships. The way nails look in the dream speaks about your approach to grip to people or events.

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General fingernail and toenail dream interpretation

Dream about nails points to hard work in the upcoming period of time. Your hard work will be appreciated and your earnings will go up. This is especially the case if this dream has a recurring nature.

Dream Interpretation of Fingernail’s Appearance

If in your dream the nails have a pleasant appearance it can be said that things will move according to your plans.

Also, if your nails in the dream are quite neglected means that a lot of unpredictable events will pop up.

nails dream meaning

If you dream about nails falling off, you should be careful of treachery by your friends, especially in your professional life.

Dreaming about your nails peeling off means that your plans will not turn in reality and it will bring you some disappointment.

Seeing your nails being quite dirty signifies that you will experience some loss of standing due to rumors and hearsay.

Dream About Polishing Your Nails

Polishing your nails in the dream signifies that you will be able to make wise choices in the upcoming period of time despite being under a significant amount of pressure. Sometimes these dreams point to a resolution of an already existing dilemma.

dreams about nails

Dream Meaning Cutting Your Fingernails

Cutting your fingernails in the dream signifies that you will soon need to make some sacrifice for the common good in your family life. You might have to give up one of your favorite past times in order to please the people that mean a lot to you.

Dreaming About Long Fingernails

If in the dream your nails seem to be unnaturally long than this is a sign of a long period of happiness that is ahead of you. If this dream has a recurring nature it can mean that you are on the verge of a very positive transformative event in your life.

In your dream you may have:

  • Long Nails
  • Bitten Nails
  • Dirty Nails
  • Beautiful Nails
  • Toenails
  • Broken Nails

Positive Changes are coming your way, when:

  • In real life, you are careful about what you do and what you think
  • Find your life rhythm to achieve what you wish

Toenails Dream Meaning

If you dream about your toenails, it speaks of a steep road in the nearest future. At the same time, you got more obligations than they are worth. The expenditure of forces will be disproportionate to payment. If your toenails are neat and tidy at the same time, this foretells good health.

Dream Meaning Broken Toenails

When the toenails are breaking off, this is a warning about all kinds of injuries. Dreaming about broken toenails also promises a financial collapse of all new beginnings.

If you dream about cutting someone else’s toenails, this means that you will be working very hard, but the reward will be too low. Try not to waste your time and avoid these situations in life.

Dream Meaning Watching Someone Cutting Toenails

If you dream about watching how someone else is cutting his toenails, it is a good sign for you. This means that you will find someone else who will be happy to help you and do the boring and dull work for you.

Taking Care of Your Nails

A dream in which you take care of your nails means you cut or else somehow treats, says of excessive concern with appearance. You really want to meet the expectations of others and, most likely, have lost your own self.

Beautifully groomed nails will bring unexpected news. If they are bright, then it is necessary to expect misfortunes and troubles.

If you dream about admiring your beautiful nail polish and beautiful ring on the finger, it is a very good dream. This dream represents that you are fully enjoying your relationship or if you are not in the relationship, then soon you will fall in love and have a sweet affair.

If you dreamed of groomed fingernails in the mud, then waking because of his imprudence will bring humiliation and shame to the family. It is necessary to look from the side to the real state of things and listen to the advice of close people.

A dream in which a child carefully cares for his nails personifies the underlying formalism and arrogance. Do not focus on the small things; you can miss the real happiness.

Dream Come True Based On the Day Of The Week

Sunday Do not pay attention to the dream
Monday The dream may come true in 10-14 days
Tuesday Emotional dreams but will not come true
Wednesday High chance of the dream to come true
Thursday Prophetic dream
Friday Positive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
Saturday High chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day
nails dream meaning

Broken or Damaged Fingernails

Broken fingernails in a dream speak about deceived expectations and unfulfilled dreams. What you wanted to receive very much, most likely, will remain only a desire on the distant horizon.

Short fingernails in a dream embody your fussiness in life. Try to relax and do things calmly. If the nails turn out to be too long, then this is a symbol of fast wealth.

If you pull out your fingernails in a dream, it has a negative connotation. An unfavorable confluence of circumstances that threaten health or even life. If you see how nails grow, this predicts a prolonged survival.

If you dream about fingernails falling off, then, in reality, you should wait for insults and angry moods. It is not ruled out quarrels with people who are nearby.

Dreaming about chewing on your nails promises an unexpected gift.

nails dream interpretation

All men whilst they are awake are in one common world: but each of them, when he is asleep, is in a world of his own.


Dream About Visible White Hole on The fingernails

Nails with a visible white hole indicates a successful period in life. If they belong to another person, then they symbolize the envy and lousy attitude of strangers.

Dream Meaning about Fingernails Becoming Animal Claws

If the nails in a dream become animal claws, then, in reality, you may literally fight for your own love. This also means fighting for your family and for your loved ones. To sharpen these claws in a dream promises anger and hatred for someone. Perhaps you want to take revenge on your opponent.

Spiritual Meaning of the Fingernails in a Dream

According to spiritual books, nails symbolize that life tests you for strength and willpower, and if you see broken nails in the dream that means that your life test is almost passed and you are at the point of choosing your life path. If your nails are dirty and broken, that is a symbol of problems on the way of achieving your goals and following your path. Do not be afraid of this, it is a good sign, and people around us do not always appreciate if we firmly stay on our grounds and choosing our own way of life.

Another spiritual meaning of the fingernails, if you see your nails nice and polished then it can be a sign of wealth and respect in the nearest future. Take your chance to rise and shine.

Spiritual meaning of the long nails in the dream – deluded hopes.

Dream of Unnaturally Long Fingernails

If you dream about long nails, it is a definite sign of a future profit. But if your nails are too long in the dream, this is a prediction of harsh financial situations, but you will get help from your family and friends to resolve the situation.

If you dream about long and dirty nails, this means that you do not trust your partner and it looks like it is your choice and not his actions.

Polishing Fingernails in the Dream

Dreaming about polishing your nails is a good sign; this is a symbol of or good health and well-being of the person. At the same time, it can be a subconscious wish to be part of a higher society and wish to enjoy a beautiful and wealthy life.

Color of the polish plays it’s a role in the dream meaning.

For example, if your lady is wearing red polish in the dream, then it is a sign of temptation and erotic desires. If a married woman sees herself wearing red polish on the nails, it is a sign that she is fighting with her temptations.

If you see black nail polish in the dream, it is a sign of negative thoughts. Try to identify the reason for there opinions and avoid the situations that may cause repeating of the adverse reactions.


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