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How to Do a Professional Manicure at Home

How to Do a Professional Manicure at Home


Nothing feels better than a fresh set of painted and manicured nails. Going to the salon can be a relaxing experience, where you can look and feel great in no time. But, professional salons can become quite expensive. The answer is learning how to do a professional manicure at home. Hint, it’s easier than you think!

The truth hurts, but it’s just not feasible to invest in professional salon services several times a month – unless can afford it of course.

But for those with average incomes, or those who are on a budget after some major holiday spending, there’s a much cheaper solution to having your nails professionally manicured.

The answer?

Do it yourself! Yes, learning the basic steps of how to do a professional manicure at home is both cost effective and a lovely way to treat yourself.

You can easily do a professional home manicure with just a few essential products and tools. Doing your own professional manicure at home can save you time, money, and the hassle of traveling. It’s truly a win-win situation!

Are you ready to paint your nails like a pro? If so, follow these next steps to become your own beautician! You no longer have to despair over your nails – the power to polish them up is in your own, well-manicured hands!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Products

As mentioned earlier, there are a collection of important items that are crucial to doing your home manicure like a professional. Fortunately, these products are not too expensive nor hard to find. A trip down to your local convenience or department store can easily find you the items you need.

The tools you will need:

The products you will need:

Step 2: Start from Scratch In How To Do A Professional Manicure At Home

If you have existing nail polish on your nails already, you’ll need to remove it before continuing on with your at-home professional manicure. Whether your nail polish remover is acetone-based or non acetone-based, both will work find on removing your nail polish.

It is important to note that non acetone-based nail polish is a little easier on the nails than acetone-based polish; however, acetone-based polish will remove the nail polish more quickly. So it is really up to you to decide which type of nail polish would work best for you.

Step 3: Clip and Shape Your Nails

Now is time for a little trimming! You want to make sure your nails are clipped and filed into shape. Jagged or chipped edges just don’t look very professional, wouldn’t you agree? You can easily achieve a professional look to your nails by clipping their lengths. They should be shortened to just above the edge of your finger, no longer or no shorter.

Then, use your nail file, electric nail filer, or emery board to smooth those edges and create a nice, rounded nail. The perfect professional nails are usually rounded or square-rounded along the edges. However, how you want to do your nails, the look and shape is up to you. As long as you feel comfortable, then you’ve managed to clip and file your nails like a pro!

Step 4: Give Your Nails a Bath and Trim Those Cuticles!

A lovely relaxing part of setting aside time in your how to do a professional manicure at home session is bathing your hands. This is the part that most beauty clients look forward to the most when seeking a professional manicure. You get to treat your hands like royalty! This is easy to do at home, too – here’s how!

Grab a bowl that can easily fit both of your hands. Fill it with warm water, and dip your nails all the way down to the cuticles. You’ll want to soak for around three minutes – no more, no less!

Soaking your nails for over three minutes can actually make the skin and cuticles become too soft, which, when clipped, might cause some damage. This is why it is essential to only soak your nails for a good 2-3 minutes.

Next, you can remove your nails from the water and apply a cuticle remover to them, which would help to moisturize and soften them up before they are clipped. Cuticles are thick parts of skin around the bottom of your nail, and sometimes they can build up too high.

Once your cuticles are thoroughly moistened, use a cuticle nipper to remove the cuticle. Gently come from above and dab the nipper at your cuticles until they are trimmed and clean. It shouldn’t hurt, because you shouldn’t be pulling or tugging at this sensitive area of skin!

Step 5: Remove Excess Calluses and Hangnails

Now is the time for a little clean-up crew before you begin the polish and moisturization process. It’s easy to skip over this important step because you’re just so excited about painting your nails – that’s totally understandable! But, this is an integral part how to do a professional manicure at home! There’s no doubt that painting your nails is the best part of a manicure!

But in order to have a healthy, professional-quality manicure, you need to make sure you take the extra few minutes to clean up excess calluses and hangnails around your fingers.

Again, when you are clipping the skin near your cuticles, be sure to not actually clip into them. This will cause pain and damage! Do not cut or tear them in any way. Instead, just nip along the edges.

Hangnails must be treated with caution, too. If you pull one the wrong way, it can cause a lot of pain for your poor finger, and it puts you at risk for infection, too! Yikes! Instead, use your clippers to gently clip around the edge of the nail until the hangnail is removed.

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Step 6: Moisturize Before You Polish!

You should try to moisturize your cutcles before you apply your nail polish. Hang on – you’re almost there! Just follow this last step before putting on your beautiful colors.

Use your moisturizer, which typically should be in the form of a cream or oil, around your cuticles, nails, and hands. It will instantly make your skin feel hydrated and rejuvenated. It’s like treating your hands to their very own spa day!

Then, take one of your cotton swabs or cotton pads, and gently sweep it over your nails and cuticles. Think of it like a mini feather duster, working to remove any excess skin particles or debris. Then you will know for sure that your hands are completely clean, nourished, and ready for polish!

Step 7: Paint Your Nails!

This is the most exciting step of all! You can paint your nails layer by layer, to achieve a more professional look. Make sure to apply your base coat before putting on your main polishes. That way, you’ll have a great surface area to work with, one that is solid and the same on every single nail. As a bonus, the base coat also protects your nail polish from chipping, staining, or cracking later on. Long nails require extra care, so we have put together a guide with 15 insider tricks and tips.

Of course, you can pick any color or amount of colors that you wish! This is the most creative part of the at-home manicure process. Put on your colors in layers so you can get quite a solid finish. Usually two coats of paint is good enough, but of course, this decision is totally up to you!

Oh, and you’ll want to make sure the polish is completely dry in between coats, of course.

Once your nail polish is dried using your LED nail dryer after you’ve applied as many coats as you wish, you can top it off with a bit of top coat or gloss. This will add the final touch to seal in that color, adding more protection, and making them look shiny and new. So, how’s your how to do a professional manicure at home project coming along? Any questions?

So professional!

Step 8: Add the Finishing Touches!

As a final touch, it might be a good idea to re-apply your moisturizer how you see fit. That way, you can continue the practise of rejuvenating and replenishing your dry skin. Moisturize your nails and hands daily if you wish, as this helps to keep your nails looking bright and colorful.

Here are 15 practical nail care tips to keep your nails looking fresh and just done!

Salon Style Mani

It’s Easy to Treat Yourself When You Learn How To Do A Professional Manicure At Home!

With these simple tools and 8 quick steps, it’s easy to give yourself a professional manicure at home. In fact, it’s highly recommended for those who can’t afford to go to the salon, or who like to control the amount of clipping, washing, and painting that is done to your nails.

All of the required tools and materials are common items that you can find at any convenience store. They’re convenient for a reason! Even if you are not the best at painting your nails, or if you accidentally skip a step, do not worry – it is very easy to start over! Plus, with practice, you’ll definitely achieve a pro manicure in no time. Your hands do a lot of work for you – give them an at-home spa treatment now that you’ve learned how to do a professional manicure at home. Give them the love they deserve!


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