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How to Use An Electric Nail Drill Safely To Prevent Major Damage

How to Use An Electric Nail Drill Safely To Prevent Major Damage

Electric nail files are high-tech products you will find in any beauty salon or professional nail store. While they do require a little bit of training and safety measures beforehand, they are not too difficult to use and you can easily take one home to give yourself a professional manicure.
Learning how to use an electric nail drill safely such as the Belle Nail Art Drill safely is important as is avoiding terrible accidental accident! It’s just time plus practice! Here’s our top 7 fave e-drills right now.

Learn How To Use A Nail Drill Safely And Correctly First Off!

Before using your electric nail file drill, though, you want to be sure that you have a thorough understanding of the way it works, especially if this is your first time trying one out. And you are wondering just how safe are electric nail file machines are….

You need to know how to operate these high speed powerful machines safely, to prevent any damage to yourself or your nails. After all, how many times have you heard horror stories of disasters and seen some toe curling clips on YouTube about accidents? We’ve all watched them with fascinated horror! Melody Susie have a great article on how to use your drill.

After reading the all important safety instruction tips and setting up your electric nail file, you can then learn how to use it on your own nails fairly easily. With practice, you’ll be able to create some great looking nail art no problem at all.

As long as you are paying attention to what you’re doing, you can easily use this friendly and professional-quality product for creating beautiful nails.

We can’t say this enough- learn how to use a nail drill safely and you’ll avoid trips to the doctors!

How to Buy the Right Kind of Electric Nail File

How safe are electric nail file machines and how to choose an electric nail file? Not every electric nail file you find is good quality. If you find a cheap one at a discount store, the odds are it isn’t going to work very well. So before you take the plunge, make sure you find the right model you can use easily and comfortably. After all, you want to feel comfortable using your e file. This is especially important if you are thinking of setting your own business. Here’s our tips on setting up your manicure business.

You may even need to try a few different models before you settle on the one which really performs well to your standards. You may even find you’ll collect a few different brands to suit your needs…

Choose A Nail Machine With Low Vibrations

Most of the time, you’ll be using your electric nail file over an extended period of time, while you work on all of your nails on your hands and toes. So you want to be sure that the drill bit will turn and not vibrate while you’re using it. Vibration can not only cause damage to your nails, but to the wrist of the arm you are holding the equipment in as well.

An important point in deciding how to choose an electric nail file that’s right for your needs, take into consideration the type of work you’ll be doing , and how often you’ll use it.

It’s Worth Choosing A Better Quality Drill

If you are going to use your nail machine regularly for family and friends, then you definitely need to look into better quality machines such as Makartt, Purenails, Pure Enrichment, Belle etc. Yes, they cost a little more, and that extra cost will pay off in the long run with a quality, precision instrument that will last you for years to come. Cheap tools are not a good choice!

The best electric nail file drills can adapt to most standard file bit sizes, which is what you should look out for when making your purchase. That way, you know you can gain steady control of your nail filing area without having to accommodate to a size that’s too big or too small.

Overall, here are the top 4 factors you should look for when buying the right electric nail file:

  • Drill bits must accommodate standard file sizes.
  • Drill bits should not vibrate too much.
  • The drill should carry enough power to allow for extended use.
  • The drill should come with a warranty or at least with technical support.

Practice Good Hygiene While Using It!

Once you’ve chosen your preferred electric nail file drill, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to be as clean and safe as possible while using it. This is because a lack of hygiene can lead to very dangerous situations.

Make Sure To Hygienically Cleanse Your Bits

It probably seems like a pain to regularly cleanse  your drill bits, but trust me, clean tools hygiene is a great habit to practice when you are learning how to use a nail drill. Make sure to disinfect your nail file bits before and after use, each time you use it. This is especially true if you are going to be using the electric file on more than one pair of hands!

Use A Toothbrush To Remove Builtup Debris And Dirt

Scrub the dirt off your drill with a small brush – a toothbrush is a great choice in this kind of situation! Then, you’ll want to rinse the parts with soap and water. If the debris contains nail polish, you can even soak the drill bits in acetone for a few minutes.

Be Sure To Dry All Parts!

Be sure to dry and disinfect each and every part before use. They should be completely dry before being put back. Try putting all of your file parts in their own separate container so that they won’t touch other dirty objects, and so that you always know where they are.

4 Helpful Safety Techniques In How To Use An Electric Nail Drill Safely

Here are a few helpful techniques in how to use a nail drill that can really teach you how how to use an electric nail e file safely and how to master your electric nail file drill basics. The following tips are basic vital safety measures learned over the years that you can follow in order to use your file successfully and without risk of injury.

After getting some practice time in with your nail file drill, you will be using it like a pro in no time! If you’re ready to get started, here are some great pieces of advice that you’ll want to know:

1. Use a slow speed for the cuticle. Your cuticles are extremely thin and sensitive, and the slightest tear or rip can send you to a world of pain. Plus, it opens your nail up to the possibility of infection. Use an extremely slow speed when working in this vital area.

2. Use a medium speed for backfills. When you are filing the backfill or concave area of the nail, you can speed things up just a little bit. However, don’t go too fast, or you can risk damaging this portion of the nail as well.

3. Use a fast speed on the nail surface. When filing the surface of the nail itself, you can move the speed up to 15,000 RPM while shaping your nail. However, be sure to never ever go any faster than this!

4. Find the perfect Goldilocks formula.  You don’t want to be too gentle, nor too harsh on your nails. Find a perfect combination of gentle pressure that will help you to successfully shape your nails while you grow accustomed to how the nail file drill works.

How To Use Electric Nail File Bits – Using Your Electric Nail File Drill on Natural Nails

As long as you get the hang of handling your drill safely, and with varying speeds, you can easily work on a natural nail. There are a wide variety of bits and bands to use and experimenting on how to use these electric nail file bits gives you valuable experience on how they work and what results are produced.

Try using an extra find diamond band or a silicone sanding band with natural nails. This is the best way to shape and buffer your natural nails the way you want to.

The first step you’ll want to take is to slowly and carefully push the cuticle back. It’s essential to get rid of dead skin before moving on to the rest of the nail.

While working on your natural nail, keep your drill at a speed between 2,500 and 6,000 RPM. Anything faster might risk damaging or cracking the surface of your natural nail. Keep the bit flat to the nail while you are working.

Hold your drill in a horizontal position while you file. This is the best way to gain the best control over your workspace, which in this case is your nail. Move the drill from one side of the nail to another, in slow circular motions to remove dead skin and file them down.

Be Sure to Buffer!

This is the most relaxing, rewarding, and fun step to the electric nail filing process. Using a buffer can help keep your nails looking polished and shiny. Plus, it will rejuvenate the skin surrounding the nails and it will bolster the strength of the nails itself.

Using a buffer is easy. Just be sure to apply a buffing cream on your nails before beginning. Your electric nail file kit should come with a cotton buffer, which you can apply on the top of your drill bit and safely run across your nails.

You can also use cuticle oil on your cuticles to replenish your skin cells and keep your nails free of dead skin for some time.

Stay Safe While Achieving Success!


It’s easy to be safe with your electric nail file drill, as long as you take all safety precautions and put a lot of thought into your choice before you buy a certain brand. Remember, an electric nail file drill should come with a large kid of products and drill bits to choose from, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty.

As You Gain Experience….

As you become more and more comfortable with your electric nail file drill, you may find that you want to move on to more advanced techniques to help with things like backfill, finishing, and preparing for a full set. All of these can be easily accomplished as soon as you’ve gotten the hang of what each individual drill bit does.

Finishing Nails With The Right Bits…

For example, a medium barrel or diamond drill bit is the perfect solution for finishing a nail. After you’ve cut and shortened it, you can tightly drill it with gentle side-to-side motions for a finishing touch. Be sure to use a medium speed.

For backfill, you can use a straight barrel or specialized backfill bit for the same process. Backfills require a faster speed, since they are often thicker than natural nails. You can even draw some guidelines on your  nail with a pencil so you know exactly where to drill.

And preparing for a full set is easy. You can use a diamond or coarse silicone bit while pushing back the cuticles and pressing the bit flat against your nail. Use a slow speed, such as 2,00 RPM, to apply minimal pressure to all parts of the nails. A large part of learning how to use electric nail files is learning how to master the different speed settings for the the best results. It’s just time plus practice!

Yes, Learn How To Use An Electric Nail Drill Safely And You’ll Craft Professional Finishes Everytime!

With a wide range of tools and equipment at your disposal, you will be working like a pro in no time. You can even invest in specialized drill bits and buffer tools that you will find at beauty supply shops around your local city. Just remember to be safe, take your time to learn how to use an electric nail drill safely and to thoroughly disinfect all of your drill parts before use. Although it’s hard to resist the urge to dive into your new piece of equipment right away, remember that it’s always better safe than sorry!

Here’s a short video on how to choose your drill and drill bits- enjoy


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